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About You

You might be feeling stuck in a limiting pattern resulting in physical, emotional or psychological distress. Perhaps you have spent considerable time and energy trying to change your life for the better but the pattern remains and, whatever you do, the same old issues arise time and time again. You might be going through a process of transition, or standing at a crossroad and are unsure about which direction to take.

I use Systemic Constellations work to explore the underlying, and often unseen, dynamics of an issue.

Constellations work is a solution-focused way of resolving seemingly intractable personal, relationship, family and organisational difficulties.

Constellations show how often unconscious hidden loyalties and identifications can lead to repeating patterns of difficulties that can affect family members over generations. When these loyalties and identifications are brought into conscious awareness, blockages are uncovered and we are able to become resourced to change previously intractable patterns of behaviour.

Constellations can help with a wide range of issues including

Personal & family issues

  • Relationship problems, separation, divorce
  • Painful relationship with parent(s)
  • Family Rifts
  • Parenting issues
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Persistent emotional symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety, rage)
  • Working through traumatic experiences

Life & Work Issues

  • Personal issues impacting professional life
  • Inertia, ambivalence, feeling stuck
  • Life choices & decision points
  • Illness, physical symptoms
  • Personal or professional loss of direction
  • Inability to achieve what we want in life
  • Isolation and not belonging

If you have any questions, please email me.

Note: Constellations are a process for expanding understanding and awareness. They are not a diagnostic or treatment method for any psychological condition or disorder.