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Parenting Consultation for Business


The Benefits of Parenting Consultations in Business

Ssmart companies use Business Consultation for solutions, action and support. Parent Consultation is a valuable and unique way for employers to support working parents in the most important and challenging job they will ever do – being a parent.

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes any of us experience.  It takes over our lives, challenges us in a multitude of unexpected ways and never lets up.

Most parents feel the challenges of work and home and however professional we are, when our home life pressures become too great, our work inevitably suffers and vice versa.

Decades of research have shown that stress generated by parenting issues at home can reduce parental productivity at work and that stress generated by issues in the workplace has a negative effect on family life and parenting style, leading to increased child behaviour problems.

It’s no surprise that the majority of working parents would like more help.

A recent survey suggests up to 90% of working parents find balancing work and parenting stressful, with 85% stating that parenting support at work should be made available *

Working parents who have a good relationship with their children at home will likely to be more productive in the workplace.

I offer professional parenting support to parent employees. This is a valuable and innovative way for employers to help employees with work and life balance whilst improving employee retention and productivity.

I offer a safe, practical and confidential opportunity to explore issues, so that parent are freer to respond more rationally and objectively to challenging behaviour and able to improve their family life.

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Some of the themes that can be adressed include:

  • Understanding underlying needs
  • Managing work/life balance, particularly dealing with the complexities of family life
  • Making the most of your time with your child
  • Ways to improve your relationship with your children
  • Increasing confidence in you and your child
  • Building a better relationship with your child
  • Increasing cooperation and dealing with general non-compliance
  • Finding alternatives to shouting, nagging and feeling out of control
  • Setting and maintaining limits for behaviours including bedtime problems, fussy eating, sibling rivalry, aggression, tantrums, homework battles and social issues.
  • Managing own emotions and dealing with the bigger picture; This will be a space to think about parenting style and to consider how one’s own life and experiences impact on how we relate to our children.  This knowledge and understanding will increase the success of the techniques and strategies discussed above.

I would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to make an appointment, or if you would like further information about how parenting consultation might be of help to your business.

Appointments are available to suit you, either on zoom or at your place of business.

  • "Thank you for your enormous help – we feel empowered and confident after courses and look forward to trying out new techniques."
    James and Lauren
  • “Sara’s ability to help families with complex dynamics is wonderful and inspirational.
I've attended her workshop in the past and it really highlights family dynamics and gives you a new perspective on it.”
    Bebe JacobsFounder of parentingcoachingnow
  • “Sara is a valued Parent Gym coach who has delivered high quality programmes for us. She is a thoughtful and considered coach whose insights support parents to reflect on and improve their family lives. She has a real passion for helping families and is a pleasure to work with.”
    Geethika JayatilakaDirector at Parent Gym 
  • "Sara is a great and understanding coach. Sessions with her were fun and rewarding.”