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Systemic Constellations Workshops

What are Constellations?


Imagine you could see the true essence of your issue unfold in front of your eyes. Constellations do just that. They map out what we are really struggling with in the here and now, create movement, and allow fresh solutions to emerge.

A Constellation is an experiential process through which we can see hidden, unconscious dynamics that affect the Self.

Instead of treating the troubled parts of our being as problems to get rid of, a Constellation reveals them as aspects that want to be seen.

The major insight of the Constellations approach is that at the root of problems that resist resolution are often trans-generational traumas that reverberate through a family system. When these are clearly understood, the disturbance is transformed. Then, we can behave authentically, and start creating positive solutions.

Systemic Constellations Workshops

The workshop setting offers a unique, solution-focused way for individuals who want to look beneath the surface “truth” of an issue or problem and find new and often deeply moving solutions.

In a safe and confidential setting  people wishing to explore and issue are invited to set up a Constellation using members of the group as representatives who represent the relevant people and events of the issue. By positioning the representatives into a particular grouping (constellation), eventually a clearer picture of the issue emerges and simple but hidden truths can be seen and understood.

Both being a representative and being an issue-holder at a Constellations Workshop can give profound insights and healing opportunities.

Workshop Dates


  • "Sara’s ability to help families with complex dynamics is wonderful and inspirational. I've attended her workshop in the past and it really highlights family dynamics and gives you a new perspective on it."  
    Bebe Jacobs
  • "Sara and Betsy are both excellent facilitators and I loved your carefully reflective and non-judgmental approach."
    Kate Codrington
  • "Sara is a naturally intuitive therapist. With gentle dexterity, she allows the constellation to evolve exactly as it needs to, and with profound effect. I would recommend her unreservedly."
    Maxine Altman
  • "I had a single one to one session with Sara using constellation to try to work out a personal issue.  I gained valuable insight and a different perspective into the situation that I had not previously considered.  As a result, I left having greater empathy for my partner and understanding of some of the underlying challenges and issues he might be facing that have impacted our interaction."    
    Ugo Arinxeh
  • "Twice I had the opportunity to take part in Sara’s constellations workshops. Each time it gave me precious support. I not only appreciate her gentle approach, but I also benefited from her ability to sense my family burden. Sara is a very dedicated therapist and I would recommend her to anyone who needs to address issues."
    Delphine RZ