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Systemic Coaching
Parenting Consultation

My work is informed by a systemic view, which aims at seeing the bigger picture of a situation, perception or behaviour. The systemic approach offers a powerful new understanding of personal, relationship, health or work related issues.

Systemic intervention offers a rapid and sustainable way to restore clarity and connection, thereby allowing for change and new solutions.



Systemic Coaching

Systemic work explores the underlying, and often unseen, dynamics of an issue to provide new understanding and fresh insight. The method applied is called Systemic Constellations – also known as Family Constellations or simply Constellations.

The constellations process can offer real results, both in the way we understand and handle the present, and in accepting and finding a different relationship to our past.

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Parenting Coaching

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs around. It can be physically and emotionally draining and feel overwhelming at times. Parenting coaching aims at supporting parents in being the parents they want to be and helping them to understand their children’s behaviour better.

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About You

You might have an issue you feel trapped in and are looking for support to gain clarity. Perhaps you feel anxious, depressed, angry.

If you are finding life a struggle for any number of reasons or have an issue you cannot seem to resolve, you will find the constellation process a very useful tool in finding new solutions to your personal, family, relationship, health or work related issues.

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